Asus’s New Motherboard Powered By LucidLogix’s Hydra 200 SoC

Good news for confused graphics card users.Now it’s time for ASUS not for Nvidia and ATI.Asus has launched a new motherboard powered by LucidLogix’s Hydra 200 SoC.

The ROG Crosshair IV Extreme allows gamers to mix and match up to three GPUs regardless of brand, series or price.

According to LucidLogix, the motherboard is based on AMD’s 890FX chipset and supports AM3 processors, including the recently released Phenom II X6 models.

The ROG Crosshair IV Extreme also boasts five PCIex16 slots along with an overclocking interface dubbed “RC Bluetooth.”

“Asus and Hydra 200 enabled motherboard owners can enjoy playing hundreds of PC games, [such as] DirectX 11 titles with a wide range of graphics card combinations – including support for the new Nvidia Fermi based boards. Additionally, they can expect accelerated ATI Eyefinity support and compatibility with Nvidia’s CUDA and PhysX technologies.”a LucidLogix spokesperson told.

The spokesperson also noted that the Hydra 200 was recently deployed in MSI’s 870A and P55A Fuzion motherboards.

“MSI was the first to introduce a board with the Hydra 200 in its high-end Big Bang Fuzion in January 2010…These new motherboards will provide consumers with performance multi-core graphics and gaming at an affordable price.”

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