You Can Now Try PlayStation VR At Best Buy & GameStop Before Buying

During E3 2016, Sony has announced the exact shipping date for its PlayStation VR which is October 13th. Before purchasing the device, you can try a demo at Best Buy or GameStop if you are confused about pros and cons.

PlayStation VR

Sony has started taking pre-orders for PlayStation VR from the March. Since the technology is very innovative, you might be thinking about the actual features and experiences before investing that much amount for it. Considering that fact, Sony has brought you the chance to try before you buy the product. You can try out the demo from the selected Best Buy and Gamestop locations.

From this weekend (17th June), Sony has arranged 30 locations in the USA where virtual reality test drive will be available. But it will be increased up to 300 outlets including Canada and the USA from 24th June.

 PlayStation VR

This weekend, the demos are limited to 30 locations total, but Sony says that number will increase to 300 stores in the US and Canada starting June 24th. You can use this map in order to find the closest store near your location. Although, you need to check the date and time carefully as most of the stores have particular hours to demonstrate PlayStation VR, not the whole day. Besides, this demo session is not available every day. So, before going to have a demo, check out the time and date properly.


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