Clear WiMAX live in New York

Clear launches 4G WiMAX in New York cities.It is now semi-live in New York.Clear WiMAX available in an Francisco, Miami, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and a handful of other cities…..

CLEAR is currently the only 4G service provider in the US (CLEAR also offers the backbone of WiMAX services provided by Sprint, Best Buy, and possibly some others). The only problem is that CLEAR is only available in a limited number of cities… for now. That’s not a huge problem for me, since CLEAR works in Philadelphia and in Las Vegas, where I was able to get a good signal during the CES show earlier this year.

While CLEAR hasn’t officially rolled out service in New York yet, Laptop Magazine reports that CLEAR is in the pre-launch phase in New York City, which means that folks with Sprint 4G phones and other WiMAX devices compatible with CLEAR may find that they’re now working. CLEAR isn’t guaranteeing service just yet, but this is a pleasant and unexpected surprise while we wait for full service to go live.

Plans run from $25 a month (for the iSpot) all the way up to $55 for a mixed-mode WiMAX and EV-DO data stick, which works out to somewhere between 0.00001 and 0.0003 percent of your housing costs in Manhattan.

Clear said that New York’s still in the “operational readiness” phase of the go-live, which means hardware’s only being offered to customers in limited areas and not all hardware is available (notably, the iSpot isn’t yet being offered). Same goes for Los Angeles. San Francisco, meanwhile, isn’t yet there.There might be some limited pockets where service is showing up, but Clear hasn’t commercially launched there, even on a limited scale.


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