Cloud Wars: Microsoft Tries To Show Mac Users How SkyDrive Is Better Than iCloud

Dropbox was the first, and perhaps the most successful, cloud storage service that made the world realize how important cloud storage is. And sooner than later, a number of other tech giants such as Google, Apple and Microsoft had jumped the bandwagon, offering their own clouds. The best part is that this has increased the competition and the result is that users are offered greater storage and better services for free.

In the midst of it all, Microsoft seems adamant at pitching its cloud service to everyone, even if they are already using one. Microsoft has added significant enhancements to its SkyDrive which does make it a very good option. Still, a lot of Mac users still tend to hook up to Apple’s own offering, called iCloud.

To persuade them otherwise, Microsoft has now dedicated an entire page which goes on to show how SkyDrive is way better than iCloud. The company tries to play upon SkyDrive’s ability of being more accessible and open as compared to iCloud. While SkyDrive files can be accessed from anywhere and any file can be shared across it, iCloud comes with its restrictions.

Microsoft also knows well how to play up its advantage of owning the popularly used software, Office. And building on this, the company tries to show how iCloud is less compatible with Office while SkyDrive is lot more friendly towards Microsoft Office. This can be a huge advantage for SkyDrive if Apple doesn’t make Office more convenient to use across iCloud.

The most interesting aspect is that currently, most of the cloud storage services are available for free to a certain extent. And not many user would want to avail the paid plans yet. So in a way, the companies are spending their own money to gain market share.

Source: Microsoft

Courtesy: The Next Web

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