Google May Sell Motorola’s Handset Business To Huawei

A lot of analysts had speculated that the true motive of Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility was solely to acquire all those precious patents that Motorola owned. Google needed them to make its Android platform full-proof from lawsuits and infringement claims. Now, rumor has it that Google is planning to sell the entire handset business of Motorola to Huawei.

This is still a rumor and none of companies have commented on it so far. However, it does make sense though. Motorola’s handset business has been on a downward spiral. And there was barely a possibility that Google would invest a lot of time and money into it to revive it, which again doesn’t seem very possible. So the best shot Google had was selling it altogether to another handset-maker, in this case Huawei.

Previously, there were also other rumors that Google plans to sell cable box division of Motorola. It would seem that Google is truly living up to the expectations of the analysts. It wants the patents that it has acquired through the acquisition of Motorola. Rest of the stuff, it doesn’t want to have to do anything with. Besides, Motorola wasn’t exactly a profitable enterprise anymore with its handset business going down in a world of iPhones and Android devices.

If these rumors turn out to be true, we can expect Motorola’s assets being sold in chunks by Google over time. After all, if Google can secure Android with just the patents, why bother with the headache of running an entire company.

Image courtesy Titanas.

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