Data Startup Forum In Silicon Valley Hosted By SAP

New business ideas emerging in the Silicon Valley is not unusual but a forum celebrating many different business ideas is indeed refreshing. Recently, SAP brought together a data startup forum in Silicon Valley in which more than 26 start-up companies took part. During the event, a total of 13 business cases were brought to limelight, apart from many software solutions.

The software solutions discussed at the event were diverse and many. They were ‘ ranging from optimized planning and scheduling solutions for the manufacturing industry to an online gaming and simulation platform.’ The event also provided the participants a chance to get a first-hand experience of visiting SAP labs and meet key SAP leaders. The participants also engaged with technical personnel and explored the opportunities to fund different startups in collaboration with venture capitalists.

According to a member of SAP executive board, ‘”Being part of two startups before my career here at SAP, entrepreneurship is very close to my heart. This event offers a great opportunity for Silicon Valley startups, who bring their imagination and passion to the bear on the great challenges facing us. With SAP HANA, we’re providing the technology foundation that enables a whole new paradigm of real-time applications on big data, but it’s the entrepreneurial spirit and creativity that will help technology reach its potential.’

SAP intends to launch a whole series of SAP Startup Forums and this is the first of the series. What SAP intends to accomplish through these forums is to get to know innovative and disruptive companies and let them know SAP.

Image courtesy Mark.


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