Dragon Mobile SDK

Nuance Communications announced an SDK that will allow developers to create apps that integrate the Nuance Dragon apps.Dragon Mobile SDK s available via a new website for iOS and Android developers…..

Nuance is making a big play to be the main speech technology behind mobile apps. The company has launched the Nuance Mobile Developer Program that gives iOS and Android developers access to the Nuance Mobile SDK to integrate the Dragon Mobile speech platform into their apps.Nuance developer program will be available through a self-service website that will allow developers to easily incorporate the Dragon technology into their apps. The developer portal will offer 90 days of free access to Nuance Mobile SDK’s raining materials and user support forums. Developers will be able to speech-enable eight languages: US and UK English, European Spanish, European French, German, Italian and Japanese. For speech-to-text functionality, the Dragon platform can handle 35 languages. The SDK will be available for iOS 4.0 devices and for many devices running Android 2.1 and up.Nuance said there will be tiered pricing options for developers based on their needs.Nuance will also not be the first. Sensory last October also offered an SDK for iPhone and Android developers to incorporate its Truly Handsfree Trigger technology, but that SDK costs $2,500.


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