FCC’s $300 Million Will Bring Broadband To The Remotest Places In The U.S.

The Federal Communication Commission is putting some decent amount of cash aside ($300 million) in order to support payment directed towards phone companies in rural areas so they can build wireline broadband connections as promised. The FCC has established a Connect American Fund and the money collected is intended to be used for brining broandband to isolated rural areas where such services rarely penetrate. Even if they do, they end up working very poorly.

Most of the $300 million will be directed by the FCC to price cap carriers. What are those? Well mostly large companies like Verizon, AT&T, Century Link and Frontier that provide more phone than broadband to the 18 million Americans that don’t have access to fixed broadband . The FCC has announced that it hopes this sum of money will be enough to enable the functionality of these services to more than 600,000 secluded American dwellers. The FCC has also released a map of the most “deserted” place from the United States.

“As our new map demonstrates, millions of Americans still live, work, and travel in areas where advanced mobile networks have not been built out. Through the FCC’s Connect America Fund, we’re helping complete our nation’s wired and wireless infrastructure, which will lead to job creation, economic growth, and innovation in the 21st century,’ stated FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski.


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