FedEx Attracts Interest At SXSW 2012 With Its Human Power Couriers

Imagine being at a very busy conference where you are tapping away updates on your smartphone every second. And then running out of battery right in the middle of it. That is the worst thing that may happen to someone covering a conference. But at least at SXSW 2012, FedEx made sure that nothing of that sort happened, with the help of its human power couriers. Yet, you heard that right.

Human power couriers may sound a little weird since how can one deliver ‘power’ to those in need of it, the out-of-battery devices. Well, actually the meaning implied by that name is quite literal. These were actually human power couriers from FedEx, wearing FedEx jackets and pants and carrying on them a mophie juice pack power station.

So when you ran out of power, lets assume you are on your iPhone, all you had to do was to plug it into the ‘back’ of the guy from FedEx, his back being where the power station was placed (let’s not resort to literal meanings here). That would have started charging your device right away. It was a pretty innovative way for FedEx to attract a lot of interest, as well as appreciation from those who were in need of a timely powering-up.

What could have been even better was if there were Duracell personnel there doing a similar thing since this act would have fallen more close to them, given the forte of the company. But then, good things can come from anyone and they ought to be appreciated at any rate.

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