Firefox 4 Takes Mozilla Users to a Superior Browsing Level

All internet users who are looking for highly developed, fast and accurate browsers have a reason to celebrate now! Mozilla offers now its latest developed browser, the Firefox 4, which brings together the most improved features that make browsing a much better experience.

 Firefox 4 Takes Mozilla Users to a Superior Browsing Level

When it comes down to browsing options, Mozilla Firefox is one of the best developers in this market segment. This thing is primarily because this company presents an extreme interest to make its users happy. The new Firefox browser provides easy and fast operations, high performance, powerful personalization, advanced security settings and universal access. All these feature categories are provided through different tools that ensure a much easier and efficient browsing.

A great thing about Firefox 4 is the fact that it allows multiple website browsing without negating the speed. It also presents a series of features that ensure different options, such as switch-to-tab, app tabs, panorama tabs organizing, smooth scrolling, closed tabs reopening and many more.

The developer has divided this new experience into two different options, the Firefox 4 RC (Release Candidate – for Maemo and Android platforms) and Beta option. While the first one is in use, the second one presents an underdevelopment stage. The Firefox 4 was officially launched onto the market a few days back and already registered a high market quotation.

The new browser is a fierce competitor to the new Microsoft and Google products, Internet Explorer 9 and Chrome. Even more, as Mozilla is a nonprofit organization, it offers the new browser free for computers that run under Mac OS X, Linux or Windows operating systems. It also provides 80 languages from which users can choose the most convenient one.

For the moment, Firefox 4 is quoted as being six times faster when compared to the predecessor platform. It also provides the “do not track” option that allows users to have their online activities recorded, thing that is very useful for targeted online services or ads. This open-source browsing software is also designed to support rich game or video graphics that are based on HTML5 function, thing that guarantees the most advanced visual experiences.

Through Firefox 4, the developer provides users the leeway to control their web experience by adjusting the system in a way which gives them comfort and satisfactory results. For this, the system comes in a set of incredible new features that mention high speed, support for the latest web technologies and streamlined user interface.

For the moment, the top of web browsing developers shows Microsoft’s Internet Explorer on the first position, being closely followed by Mozilla’s Firefox, Google’s Chrome and Apple’s Safari.

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