First Batch Of Ivy Bridge Processors With 3D Transistors Launched By Intel

The whole tech world has been eagerly anticipating the launch of Intel’s much-touted Ivy Bridge processors. Intel has been claiming that these are the first 22 nanometer products. Now, finally, the chip maker has launched the first wave of Ivy Bridge processors which make use of the cutting-edge tri-gate transistor technology.

So far, 13 quad-processors of the said line-up have been released by Intel and it has promised the launch of another few dual-core processors in spring. According to the reports, the first batch that has been released by Intel belong to core i5 and i7 families.

With these new Ivy Bridge processors, Intel hopes to improve power efficiency of processors by 20% and improvement in performance by 20%. According to Intel PC business chief Kirk Skaugen, ‘”There will be 50% more supply than we had early in the product cycle of our last generation, Sandy Bridge, a year ago. And we’re still constrained based on the amount of demand we’re seeing in the marketplace.’

Skaugen claims that with these new chips, Intel has virtually oudid Moore’s law. He said, ‘A lot of people had thought that Moore’s law was coming to an end. What Intel has been able to do is instead of just shrinking the transistor in two dimensions, we have been able to create a three-dimensional transistor for the first time.’

The chief forte of Ivy Bridge processors is their ability to juice up ultra-high resolution graphics of up to 4K resolution, something which was well promised by Intel. It is also being hoped that Apple will most probably utilize these very chips in its upcoming MacBook models.

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