Designer Created Mind Blowing Furniture With The Help Of Optical Illusion

The way science and technology are advancing, who knows one day you’ll be sitting on a chair, pressing a button, start flying in air and going from one place to another. Well the materialization of that myth is still far away, but that doesn’t mean that you stop dreaming. And it seems like following a dream like that, London-based designer Chris Duffy has created some amazing furniture with the help of optical illusion.

Monolith Table

Inspired by fairy tales, Barking-based artist Chris Duffy has created some impressive optical illusion furniture like pixelated magic carpet, Woodsman axe table, a four poster table structure that uses its structure to suspend eight chairs that sway playfully.

Pixelated Magic Carpet

The above image you see is of a magic carpet. After watching Aladdin who used to use a magic carpet for his transportation, Duffy decided to invent magic carpet with the help of optical illusion.

Digitally-printed Table

The immediate above image is of a digitally-printed table, which costs £1,495. The illusion is created by mounting the steel rug on a hidden 5cm-wide leg at the center of the table. It also has a wave-like surface to add to the illusion of a magic carpet moving in its stationary position. Duffy has mentioned that unless you lie down on the floor next to the table, you won’t know how it works.

Woodsman Axe Table

The above image is of a Woodsman axe table. Duffy has made this table inspired by the Brothers Grimm fairy tale ‘Little Red Riding Hood‘. The table costs £2,495. Duffy has mentioned that “the table works in a similar way by a cantilever against the shadow base.”

Four Poster Table Structure

Apart from these design, Duffy has created a four poster table structure (above) that uses its structure to suspend eight chairs that sway playfully and mind-boggling creation of the “Up” coffee table which costs £5,800.

Mind-boggling Creation Of The 'Up' Coffee Table

What do you think about these creative designed furniture created with the help of optical illusion? Share your thought with us in the comments box.

Source: Daily Mail

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