Future Planes Will Use Liquid Natural Gas To Fly

Imagine, you are on a flying plane. Suddenly you hear, the plane you are boarded on has NO FUEL. What will be your first reaction? Think… Till then I tell you something about future planes. Most probably 30 years later, planes will use cryogenically frozen Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) to fly instead of using fuel. Hope so, as the fuel cost will be decreased a lot, the plane fair will be a lot less.

Being hope that, every plane in 2045, will be powered by cryogenically frozen liquid natural gas. Boeing has unveiled a new NASA-commissioned concept. They call this concept ‘SUGAR Freeze.’ Full form of SUGAR is Subsonic Ultra Green Aircraft Research. SUGAR will run on liquid natural gas (LNG) and burn significantly less fuel than present aircraft.

The earlier concept named the ‘SUGAR High’, showed how an aircraft would look like in 2030. The original High design was a 154-seat plane which had a long span, strut-braced wing and quiet large Freeze. The difference between the old concept and the new concept is, the modified planes have a superior engine technology that runs on LNG instead of fuel. The planes will have 2 tanks at the front and 2 tanks at the rear to hold the gas.

The technology lets the plane burn 64% less fuel compared to the modern Boeing 737-800. But most of the new technology comes with a big issue. This time the issue is ‘SAFETY.’ How the tanks and engine are integrated into the plane? What will be the potential environmental issues due to the methane emissions that result from LNG production? Well we should not to worry, because we have plenty of time left. Withing 2045, researchers will definitely find the answers.

Source : Aviation Week



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