Get Real-Time Updates About Drone Strikes Using Dronestream

The military use of drones to exterminate alleged terrorists has been fiercely debated in the recent past. Dronestream is a service that essentially aggregates all the historical data of drone strikes, as well as post updates in real-time about the latest strikes. A new API of the service now lets developers make extensive use of it.


Dronestream has been created by Josh Begley and has been around for a while. Begley has been working on the service for more than a year, trying to bring together all the data regarding drone strikes in one place. The aim, he believes, is to spread awareness about the use of this military technology.

The new API that he has just released now allows developers to easily access information about drone strikes in real-time. While Begley is unsure as to how the developers may use it, he hopes that the community at large will be able to put the data to a more meaningful use.

The original intent of the service, Begley has revealed in the past, is simply to bridge the gap between the victims and those that support drone strikes, in an attempt to inculcate more empathy towards those who are killed in these strikes.

Interestingly, Begley had also created an iPhone app for Dronestream. However, Apple decided to reject the app, without citing any reasons. This essentially hints that the U.S. government doesn’t feel kindly towards services such as Dronestream.

Source: Dronestream API
Courtesy: The Verge

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