Google Circumvented All : Google’s Self Driving Car Participating In Car Race Was A Prank!

Can anyone tell me, what is the meaning of April Fool? Where did it come from? Why people are supposed to be fooled in April? Why not in January, August or some other month? I wrote in my previous article, Google brings self driving car for all including blind people. That’s true, but Google also mentioned that, their autonomous car is going to take part in Car Race. It was a joke. Don’t forget guys, yesterday was April 1. It was a April Fool Day.

The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) is a family owned and operated business venture that sanctions and governs multiple auto racing sports events. It was founded in 1947–48. Google announced their self driving car project in 2010. But in that announcement, it was not mentioned with who or whom Google was going to be partnered or start the project. Google wanted to build a self driving car that would be capable of navigating at 200mph speeds. But it was not possible for Google alone to materialize it. Therefore, to materialize the dream, Google made a partnership with NASCAR to design and build the autonomous race car. They named it Google Racing. Though Google is partner of NASCAR, but Google Racing has no relationship with racing. Actually, Google Racing was an April Fools joke brought to us by Google and NASCAR.

To know more, click here. Check out the reactions of the people including professional race drivers when they hear about the self-driven car from this video below.

Source : GoogleBlog

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