Google Plans To Launch Open AirPlay Standard To Compete Apple

AirPlay has been one of the most popular features in Apple’s iOS devices. The technology allows users to easily share different kinds of contents across their iOS devices with ease. Google is planning to bring the features to Android with an ‘open standard’ alternative of AirPlay.

Android devices, tablets as well as smartphones have amassed millions of users worldwide. And in recent days, we have seen a number of Android-powered TV set-top boxes entering the market. However, Google’s primary interest in devising an open standard AirPlay alternative is to enable users to share content between their Android tablets, smartphones and Google TV devices.

According to Google’s product manager, Timbo Drayson, Google is planning to collaborate with other players in the arena to develop open standards for such a technology. He said, “We really want to move the whole industry forward.”

The open standard that Google will probably develop in collaboration with other companies is going to be available across a number of platforms. The technology will allow two-way simultaneous data sharing. For instance, users can stream content from TV right to their laptops and at the same time, bean content from their laptops to TV screens.

Such unique features and an industry-wide collaboration can indeed make Google’s open protocol for wireless data sharing a hit with Android users before long. However, since Google has only started working on the technology, it may take the company a while before it can actually launch such a protocol to the users.

Source: GigaOm
Courtesy: ZDNet

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