Google’s Larry Page Spent $100 million To Build Flying Cars

Google Co-founder Larry Page has apparently spent more than 100 million USD in order to fund the flying cars startups. Page secretly putting in his own money for these two different self-driving cars of his dream.

flying cars

Google might have a lot of projects on board but none is as charming as this one. The Bloomberg Businessweek reported that Larry Page has personally involved with two startups Zee.Aero and Kitty Hawk to developing the technology. In case you missed out, Page owns the Zee.Aero since it was launched back in 2010.

The Zee Aero is based in Mountain View, California which is close to Google’s headquarter. The company currently has almost 150 employees along with experts in aerospace design, battery technology and software engineers who are ex-employees of SpaceX, NASA, and Boeing.

Flying Cars

According to multiple reports, Larry Page is also providing financial support to another flying car startup company named Kitty Hawk. Although, Kitty Hawk works individually from Zee.Aero but both companies are working on the small electric plane which can take off and land upright.

The are many other companies who are working on almost same flying car projects. Merely, the effort Page is putting to lead the way, it might be helping to make the flying cars available in near future.


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