How Google Glasses Will Look When Running In Windows?

Reaction of users as well as analysts to Google glasses is kind of a mix. Some are totally in awe of it, calling it the next big thing in the tech world. Yet others are deeming it as something that is impossible to pull off and is barely possible. Nonetheless, the concept has gained traction among a lot of people. Now a video has been posted as to how the glasses will look like if they ran Microsoft’s OS, Windows.

Windows is known for its annoying notifications. You keep getting notifications for virtually the tiniest tasks that the OS has to perform. However, yes, the platform has the largest user-base in the whole world.

Still, for fun sake and for some light humor, here is a spoof that has been created to show how the display of Google glasses will look like when they run Windows. Of course we don’t expect that to actually happen since Google seems pretty happy with its own mobile platform, Android. But there’s nothing wrong in a little assumption and some imagination to give on a good laugh. The video has been posted below which has been created by Vlakkeland. So treat yourself.


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