HP Donates Server To WebOS

HP voiced skeleton to present the ProLiant DL385 server to the eccentric developer’s apparatus and donates a hefty server to homebrew WebOS Internals Group……

HP has made a donation to a charity on behalf of the WebOS Internals homebrew group that is valued at over $10,000.A few weeks ago, it became clear that future growth in webOS would outpace the server infrastructure that WebOS Internals currently has in place. They were going to need some beefy hardware to keep up with the demands of acting as the a central repository for webOS homebrew apps, patches, and kernels.So they asked HP’s Phil McKinney, who has arranged to donate an HP Proliant DL385 2u server with 32 GB of RAM and 8 TB of disk space. They made the decision a few weeks ago and the server is en route. Notably, this is a straight-up donation, no strings attached.So WebOS Internals will remain how they always have: completely independent from the company whose OS they hack on.


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