20,000 Lego Pieces Come Together To Play ‘Star Wars’ Theme

Many Lego builds have amazed the world with their complexity and the functions they can perform. Lego blocks have truly become the icons for creativity. Now, a truly unique Lego build has resulted in the creation of a Lego barrel organ! And it is not just for showing off, it can actually play the music of Star Wars theme!

The set has been constructed to go with the release of Episode I: The Phantom Menance 3D. The design of the organ is quite intricate and makes use of a whooping 20,000 Lego blocks.

The design is such that the leavers are pushed in a certain order which enables them to play the keys of an organ. The result is that it produces the ‘Star Wars’ theme music which was actually created by John Williams. A number of scenes from the franchise, such as scenes from Endor, Hoth, Tatooine and Death Star are also featured in the build.

Naturally, the set has been a result of the diligence and expertise of professional Lego builders, which in this case are Axel Al-Rubaiebeen and Rene Hoffmeister. If you are in Germany, you may have a chance of watching the set up close and getting to hear its music in real. However, since a lot of us are not in Germany, we will have to make do with a video recording of the build.


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