7 Reasons to Start Loving eReaders

Want to stick to printed books? A die-hard bibliophile, through and through? Loving your eReader doesn’t have to negate the fact that you love books and that you will never stop loving them.


Not emotionally prepared for ebooks just yet? Based on lists from Huffington Post, Wise Ink Blog and Bustle, here are a few reasons why a lot of people love eReaders and why you should too:

  • Light weight. Not all eReaders are created equal. Some eReaders are definitely lighter than others. However, it’s certainly true that eReaders in general weigh far less than say, the thick, bulky, unwieldy tomes and books you used to carry around everywhere. Remember Tolstoi’s Crime and Punishment? Or that thick dictionary you had to carry around so you could translate English to Latin and back again?

It’s also easy to read in bed using eReaders because you don’t have to worry about balancing a book that weighs as much as half of an elephant. No more cramped fingers or achy shoulders to wake up to in the morning.


  • Saves space. Because they’re amazingly light-weight, eReaders can pack an entire library—your entire bookshelf—in a slim device and still leave plenty of room for other things. If you’re going on a trip, then you can bring as many books as you want without worrying that you’ll have to sacrifice precious luggage space. You can shop all you want without losing sleep on how to fit what into where.


  • Moving pains no more. Remember the last time you moved? You had a mountain of boxes all filled with just one thing: your books. This time around, you won’t have to lose hair thinking about those boxes multiplying. It’s not that you won’t ever buy print books again. There’s something irreplaceable in the way a book feels in your hands. But those are for the books you love. For other books, keeping them in the cloud is enough.


  • Buy books instantly. As a book lover, you’ll never stop buying books. This is why eReaders fulfill your most basic wish: to buy books and read them right that instant. All you have to do is go online and pick a shop. Some though are already connected to an online bookstore. The Nook eReader, for instance, already lets you go ahead to the Barnes & Noble online shop, creating a seamless user experience in the process. So that when you see the hot off the press releases from your favorite authors—accompanied by the appropriate gasps and squeals of excitement—all you have to do is click ‘buy,’ pick the eBook format and—voila!—in seconds, you’ll get to sink into that thriller or romance or children’s book you’ve been dying to read for months.

Also, if you ever need to move into a smaller space, an eReader allows you to save up on your home space without sacrificing your love for books. With an eReader, you won’t have to sell your books, leave them behind or lock them up in storage.


  • Enjoy your portable library. Because it’s lightweight, you can bring your eReaders everywhere. Long checkout lines at the grocery again? Another 2-hour train commute after work? No worries. You can get by and spend the time better by reading. And because you have your trusty eReader with you, you could pick just about any story—an adventure, a drama, a romance—to suit the time, your mood or the weather. Just like that time when you first read Bram Stoker’s Dracula on the bus, on a gloomy rainy day. You couldn’t believe how the right setting and tone could transport you back to 1890s Transylvania. With your eReader, you can enter any world you want, anywhere you are.


  • Get freebies. Unlike physical books, eReaders often have a ton of free books on offer. The classics, for one, are a particular treat. If you love Pride and Prejudice, Frankenstein or just about any other literary classic out there, then you can get those books for free. Starting your own literary collection is now easy! As a book lover, this is absolutely one of the best handy side-bennies you can get from owning an eReader.


  • Read in the dark. We’ve all lived through that: those days—and nights—you simply couldn’t put a book down. Your mind kept saying you had to, but you kept turning the pages anyway to find out what happens next. And you either had to use a book light—which was clumsy and offered lighting that wasn’t so great—or slink out of the room to read on the couch just to avoid keeping your hubby or partner awake. With an eReader, those days are long gone. You can snuggle up in bed and still read in the dark as you want—that is, unless you’re reading Stephen King.


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