Amazon Prime Air: Drone To Deliver Packages For Amazon Within 30 Minutes

Now a days, drones have become much popular. We already reported that drones are being used in delivering cake and delivering newspaper. In continuation to delivery trend, online retailer Amazon has planned to deliver packages to customers within 30 minutes or less using drones. Amazon is calling this new delivery system, Prime Air.

Amazon Prime Air

During a “60 Minutes” program aired on CBS last Sunday, Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos unveiled the new delivery system, Prime Air. Bezos mentioned that his company had been working on such delivery system at its next generation R&D lab, Seattle, that would take very less time to deliver products to customers. At then, the idea of using unmanned aerial vehicle came into Amazon’s mind.

Prime Air Delivery System, Image Credit: Amazon

Jeff Bezos has revealed that the drones that will be used for delivering Amazon products, will be able to deliver packages consisting of up to 5 pounds weighs to customers’ house in less than half an hour. Be noted, according to Bezos86 percent of Amazon’s packages are under 5 pounds. The drone will be able to carry the package up to 10 miles from the fulfillment center (massive warehouses).

It is being assumed that the idea of using drones to deliver products to customers by Amazon came on the basis of holiday shopping, and specially, Cyber Monday. Note that, Cyber Monday is a huge day for Amazon as more than 300 items are ordered each second.

Bezos has promised that very soon there will be a fleet of shipping drones taking the sky. Here’a video of Prime Air delivering a package.

Sources: Amazon, 60 Minutes (CBS News)


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