Craig Silverstein, The Third Employee At Google, Quits Today

Crag Silverstein is not just another Google employee. He is one of the most influential and significant people in the Google team because he was the third person to join the search engine after Larry Page and Sergey Brin stated it. He was literally Google’s number third in the earlier days. After a long career with Google, Craig is now leaving the company to join Khan Academy, a revolutionary education-related platform that was launched by Salman Khan, a US entrepreneur.

Being among the earliest employees, Craig was an active part of the process of actually building the search engine. Now that Craig has decided to quit, he wrote a goodbye email to his colleagues in which he wrote, “When I write my massive 4-volume autobiography, “Craig Silverstein: the Man Behind the Legend,” I will devote an entire volume to my years at Google. I can’t emphasize enough how meaningful my time at Google has been, and how meaningful all of you have been to it.”

Craig has now moved to the well-known ‘Khan Academy’, an online education-oriented venture which has gained huge traction and acclaim in recent days. He will join Khan Academy in the position of being a developer. We wish Craig a great time at yet another awesome venture.


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