Amazone is Most Reputable Company in US, Report States

The ecommerce site Amazon, which is also a great destination as an online marketplace has been given the number one spot among 150 other companies, by Reputation Institute and Forbes Media. Reputation Institute used a rating system based on customer reviews.

Over 33 thousand customer reviews from January and February were analyzed to make this list. Reputation Institute used US RepTrak Pulse Study and measured trust, esteem, admiration and good feelings consumers have shown. The targets were 150 largest companies in terms of revenue in the United States. Amazon scored 82.7 pulse points which is 1.3 points more than the second company in the list, Kraft Foods. Last year however, Amazon was 5.76 points behind this mark.

Online marketplaces have been in business for a long time. But Amazon has proved it’s different by a number of positive ways. Most people who shop online prefer Amazon for this. The company provides great value to the users. It uses the most advanced technology to keep both sides happy.

The customers feel very safe buying from Amazon while for sellers, this is a good place to advertise and sell products to potential customers. The number of users is a huge plus. All these could happen because Amazon has been providing a good and secure platform to both parties.

Any dispute is handled carefully and responded promptly. This feature attracts most people as the number of internet frauds is increasing everyday which is why Amazon became the top company in terms of customer satisfaction.

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