AMD May Consider Android In The Future

Android started with humble beginnings as a possible alternative to iOS in the mobile arena. Over the years, Android has grown to be the largest mobile platform and is now beginning to trickle into the PC arena. However, AMD is not yet ready to start cozying with Android.


It is becoming increasingly important for AMD to address the question of Android. That’s because AMD’s chief competitor in the chip-making arena, Intel, is actively trying to encroach into the Android market.

In fact, Intel is already a major part of the Android ecosystem, creating processors for systems that directly run Android. For instance, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 3 will come with an Intel Atom processor as well as with an Intel 3G/LTE silicon.

Not only that, Intel is also working with a number of vendors to create such PCs and laptops which will directly run Android atop Intel’s processors. This poses a direct competition to the hegemony of Windows in the PC arena.

Given these circumstances, AMD needs to decide whether or not it wants to jump into the Android bandwagon. For now, the company says that there is ‘no schedule for Android/Chrome support announced [and] no specific processors mentioned for support.’

If AMD joins the fray a little too late, this would given Intel a huge headstart in the Android arena. Once that happens, it may become difficult for AMD to catch up with competition.

Courtesy: CNET

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