Justice Department Investigates US and Europe E-book Industry

While European Commission announced that due to the Unfair Electronic Book (E-Book) Price Fixing, it is going to Investigate some Major International Publishers, the US Justice Department clarified that it’s also launching a Probe into the possibility of “Anticompetitive Practices Involving E-book Sales.”

Comparing E-book

At last European regulators said though they have no particular list, but still they have already started investigating 5 of the Largest International Publishers: France’s Hachette Livre, Harper Collins’ News Corp., CBS’ Simon & Schuster, Britain based Penguin by Pearson Group and Germany’s Macmillan. — as well as Apple Inc.. As a matter of fact, Investigators said that, wasn’t matter to them whether it was Apple or Amazon or both, they were looking into the very same agreements in restricting competitions between publishers and the Major E-book Platform Owners.


Well that means that, the ups and downs will create a great Impact on Consumers. Let’s see, if the Investigations can bring any massive changes into the Industry of E-Book or not. Share us your point of view.


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