Apple’s Black Friday Deals: Great Or Disappointing?

Every Black Friday, major tech vendors tend to dish out the sweetest of deals. This year, Apple has announced gift cards if you buy select Apple products on Black Friday. Do you think that’s a good enough deal?

Apple Black Friday deal

The gift cards that Apple is offering as part of the deal allow you to purchase other stuff from Apple Store. The purchase of a new iPad Air, for instance,  brings you a $75 gift card, purchasing a new Mac gets you a $150 gift card and finally, if you get an iPod you get a $50 gift card.

The interesting part is that you can not use these gift cards to get a discount on the price of the Apple product you buy. Rather, you will have to keep these cards till the next purchase on Apple Store. So while you will have to pay up the full price of the new iPad Air or the new Mac that you buy, you can later use your store credit to purchase anything from a wide range of other products.

To put Apple’s deals in a clearer perspective, let’s not forget that last year, Apple offered price discounts to the tune of 9% – 10% last year. This year, while there are no direct price discounts, the gift cards amount up to 15% of the product’s prices. So if you are an avid Apple user, this year’s holiday deal is a lot sweeter than last year. If, however, you are the kind of user who just wants to try his hands on an Apple’s product for once, the gift card may not turn out to be that useful afterall.

Source: Apple

Courtesy: Business Insider

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