Apple Donates $2.5 Million For Hurricane Sandy Victims

Apple has been fairly active in helping out the affectees of Hurricane Sandy in the wake of the disaster that the storm wrecked in a number of U.S. states. The company has now announced a rather huge sum as a donation to go to the Red Cross.

Apple donation

Even before making this rather sizeable donation, Apple had set up a page in iTunes. The page asked the users to give in donations straight to the Red Cross so that these can then be used for helping the victims of the storm.

According to the company, the employees as well as Apple customers showed a very generous spirit in contributing to this donation channel. And millions of dollars were being contributed within a matter of days.

Now, Apple itself has pitched in with its own $2.5 million as a donation to the Red Cross, which has been at the forefront of providing relief to those affected by the catastrophe. Apple has been fairly indulgent in charity work even in the days of Steve Jobs.

But with Tim Cook at its helm, the company has been spending a lot more on humanitarian causes, which is indeed something very good. In response to the significant donation that the Red Cross has received, the CEO of the American Red Cross has written a letter to Tim Cook, thanking him for the generosity of his company to spare such a significant sum for those who are seeking help right now.

Image/News Courtesy: 9to5mac

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  1. Tsais

    For some other companies, this might be a “sizeable donation” but for Apple, who is richer than the country its part of, and legally evades most of the taxes it should be paying, thats just the cheapest possible method to get a few positive news headlines.

    I find it extremely stingy, which of course, is nothing new for Apple.

  2. GS

    Quite an ignorant comment you’ve got there. How much have you contributed to the cause yourself? Apple is not going to donate their entire saving just because you say they have to to appear more generous. Like you would not give away several thousand dollars just because your income is in the high 5 figures. If every fortune 500 companies give 2.5mil each, think about how much money that is? This is about the contribution of many to help those in need, not about personal fame for giving away a few hundred or million of dollars.

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