Apple Seeks Payments Software Engineer To Create New Payment Platform

Apple‘s job listings are often a hint at what the tech giant is up to. Recently, the company posted a job opening for ‘Payments Software Engineer.’ The intriguing thing about this listing is that it says the Software Engineer will be required to build a ‘next generation payment platform.’


The mention of the ‘next-generation payment platform’ is very significant because it hints that Apple is about to jump the e-retail bandwagon. The description of the aforementioned job listing further affirms it.

It reads, “As a Payments Software Engineer on our team, you will help build a next generation payment platform that will push the boundaries in new markets for Apple Retail. You will also be responsible for integrating payment devices, middleware and acquirers into our retail solution. You will be working with business partners, store personnel, banking partners and cross-functional teams within Apple to develop software, controls and processes for payment processing.

Clearly, there is no mistake that Apple has set its eyes on the retail industry. Reports have it that Apple aims to bring its iBeacons technology to its retail locations and knit together a seamless payment system in the coming days. It would appear that the company is finally gearing up for such a solution by hiring the right personnel.

The big question, however, is that will Apple restrict itself to its own retail stores or will it go out and offer a general payment solution, rivaling the likes of PayPal. We expect to find that out by the mid of 2014.

Source: Apple Jobs
Courtesy: iClarified

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