Apple Tops The Fortune’s List Of Most Admired Companies

Apple’s has secured the top spot in Fortune’s list of most admired companies, one of the most prestigious positions for the business world. And by no means has this crown gone to the company for the first time. Apple has grabbed the spot for the fifth year in a row! This distinctly shows the immense success iOS devices have brought to the company. The second spot this year went to Google while Amazon stood on the third position.

Many had feared that with the demise of Steve Jobs, Apple may not be able to steer it’s way the way it has in the past. But the immense popularity and demand for iPhone 4S and a rather steady-handed captaincy of Tim Cook was able to not only steer Apple right through the transition but also take it to greater heights. This fundamentally contributed to the fact that Apple is now admired as among the best companies around the world.

During its polls, Fortune first compiled a list of 1400 companies and then narrowed down the list by getting votes from executives, business personnel and other people who could expertly gauge the true potential of a company. Fortune then asked 3,855 business professionals to name the top 10 companies they admired most.

Google fell in the second place. Over the last one year, the position of CEO at Google has also shifted and now lies with the co-founder Larry Page. Ever since Page’s reign, Google has been seen to be refocusing on its core competencies and certainly succeeding.

Amazon was decided for the third spot primarily because of it’s very successful financial strategy by relinquishing short-term gains for long-term gains. The success of Kindle Fire definitely helped improve the reputation index of the company.

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