Apple Uploads Replay Video Of WWDC 2013 Keynote

During the keynote by Apple officials commemorating the start of WWDC 2013, Apple made many major announcements. However, if you were unable to catch the keynote live, you can now head straight to Apple’s events page and replay the video.

WWDC 2013

During the keynote, Apple divulged how it was visually revamping iOS 7 and tweaking its looks to make it look more neat and user-friendly. Apple also revealed the details of OS X Mavericks during the show and further lifted the wraps off its all new Mac Pro. Another major announcement from Apple was the launch of its very own online music streaming service, the iTunes Radio.

If you didn’t catch the keynote speeches of the event live, you can now watch their videos at Apple’s events page. Apple has recently started posting the videos of its major events online, so that the users who are unable to attend the events still get to have access to any releases or announcements the company makes.

To view the video without any glitches, it would be better to watch in Apple’s Safari. When trying to watch the video in other browsers, the streaming is rather rocky and may not be a smooth experience.

Source: Apple Events Page

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