Next Step In The Work Market – ATM Disposes Job Announcement Instead of Cash

Today’s economy is going down the drain fast. How many people have lost their jobs due to the global crisis and how many have been desperately hunting for one? Countries like Italy and Greece keep reminding us of how unstable everything really is, and how we can’t really rely on anything. Days are growing increasingly darker it seems.

But some people are trying to come up with ideas that would actually benefit the disadvantaged sector of the population. Even if right now, it doesn’t matter if you are an architecture graduate or just fresh out of high school and in desperate need of producing some money. Anyway, let’s go back to where we originally started, in order to tell you the story of HP and Honeywell software professional, Nandan Rajan, who recently invented a ATM like machine, that’s supposed to help the underprivileged find a jobs. The ATM has been designed especially for uneducated individuals.

Generally speaking, we have no real clue of how many people in the world don’t know how to read or write – in other words – who are illiterate. The numbers are massive. By designing such a machine mister Nandan Rajan hopes to help the struggling youths gain easier access to jobs in their areas.

Many poor youths are unable to make a living in the poor villages that are scattered all over India, so their only chance of keeping afloat its o abandon their homes and try to make it to the city. But, because of their inabilities to read or write, they are often cheated by fake agents who promise them jobs in return for money. Bearing such concerns in mind, Rajan’s service is completely free of charge. So far Rajan has established only a running ATM in Malleswaram.

When applying for a job, an applicant must provide Rajan with name, address, portfolio of skills and a photograph. Then the data is packed onto a bar cord that is later used on a machine in order to find suitable jobs. The hits are then read aloud by the machine. Most of the time the illiterate people struggling to get jobs couldn’t read the job postings to they would have to rely on an intermediary that would often cheat them.


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