Globalstar Unveils Sat-Fi: Turns Any Wi-Fi Handset Into Satellite Phone

Many of us have often wanted to have a satellite phone, in times when our Wi-Fi speeds are terrible or other connectivity options are down. Globalstar may make this possible with its Sat-Fi, a service that can turn any Wi-Fi device into a satellite phone.


The idea behind the Sat-Fi service is that once you subscribe to the service, you are able to access the satellite hotspot. This satellite hotspot essentially allows you to make phone calls and send other forms of data from your handset using Globalstar’s network.

According to the company, the satellite hotspot will be accessible on any Wi-Fi device and its connection can be shared between more than one devices. In its press release, Globalstar has particularly stressed that its subscription price points are meant to draw big fishes such as governments and corporate clients, as well as the mass consumer market.

However, it remains to be seen exactly how much the service cost. This may certainly be a great solution for major organizations but satellite networks typically cost rather steep, making them very expensive when compared to local broadband and cellular connectivity options.

But Globalstar has a point when it says that “Now, roughly two billion people in the world either live, work or play beyond the range of terrestrial networks. Additionally there are those people who temporarily find themselves without cellular coverage for whatever reason.”

Although FCC is yet to approve the company’s hotspot, something which may take another few months, Globalstar is quite happy at the deployment of Sat-Fi. According to the CEO of the company, Jay Monroe, “Now that we have completed the deployment of our new constellation, Sat-Fi will have global appeal to those who need reliable connectivity beyond the cellular grid. As we continue to seamlessly integrate our satellite services into the everyday lives of our increasingly expanding subscriber base, this scalable technology represents a giant leap forward in achieving this fundamental goal.  We have waited a long time to be in the position to announce this breakthrough product and I’d like to thank the entire development team for their unending perseverance.”

Source: Globalstar
Courtesy: Engadget

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