Craig Silverstein – First Google Employee Abandoning The Company

Eternal loyalties are a thing to be found only in romantic ancient stories. Look at Craig Silverstein, he did not stop even for a moment to be sentimental, when he decided to leave his Google nest to join the ranks of the rising education start-up Khan Academy. Why are we so shocked? Well, because mister Silverstein was the first employee Google ever hired and we were hoping for a true love story here.

Craig Silverstein was a very important pawn along with co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin in helping the search engine become what it is today – one of the world’s leading tech companies. Mr. Silverstein worked alongside Page and Brin from the time they were shy PhD students living in a dorm up until the moment when the company transformed itself into the King-Kong it is today.

But even though, they share many wonderful memories, Silverstein wasn’t impressed and put his own evolution before anything else. Anyway, what exactly is Khan Academy? Well, it’s a nonprofit start-up based in Mountain View, California. The company aims at producing online videos, exercises, testing materials for educational purposes in order to help students of math, science or humanities who are based in countries who don’t offer a rich educational environment. So basically, Silverstein has chosen to do missionary work.

Shantanu Sinha, president and COO of Khan Academy said that they are thrilled to have Craig Silverstein on board. Who wouldn’t be?


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