Domino’s Launching Pizza Ordering App For iPad Next Monday

Domino’s Pizzas are one of the best pizzas found around. Many people order Domino’s Pizzas through phone call. But lately, Domino’s has announced that it is about launch an app for iPad through which customers will be able to order pizza.

Pizza Ordering App For iPad

Domino will launch the iPad app for ordering pizza on next Monday. Besides ordering, users will be able to build his/her own pizza (what she likes or not within the pizza) and order it. It is to be noted here that the iPad app is similar to the restaurant’s other apps, which also features Domino’s menu, coupons, branches, and a digital order tracker. It will have an additional feature that lets users save their pizza creations to allow for easy reordering. In addition, the new 3D pizza builder gives customers a more realistic picture of their custom pizza’s final look.

Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza chief information officer Kevin Vasconi, about the new app, said in a statement, “The new Domino’s iPad app takes the experience of ordering pizza to a whole new level. This is the coolest technology we have launched since Domino’s Tracker, and we are excited for customers to use the beautiful custom pizza builder that lets you visualize your order in a whole new way.”

Courtesy: TechCrunch

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