Einride and Autonomous Industrial Trucks

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The Future of Trucks is not something we talk about often. Still, recent advancement in this area has sparked strong public interest.

Future of Trucks

Einride works specifically to build automated electric trucks for industrial use. In fact, it is a Swedish transport company. Although some would argue it is a tech company.


Recently, it has announced T-log at the Goodwood festival of speed. The truck is full-autonomous and all-electric. Interestingly, this vehicle can navigate through uncertain forest roads without any human intervention.

Robert Falck, CEO of Einride, made a statement saying the company considers T-log as a new milestone in their mission to build sustainable all-electric and autonomous vehicles.

T-log specifications

  • Battery capacity: 300 kWh
    Carrying capacity: 16 ton
    Distance traveled on one charge: 120 miles
    Width: 2,552 m
    Height: 3,563 m
    Length: 7,338 m


The truck uses the self-driving platform developed by Nvidia and is capable of level 4 self-driving. Although the truck does not need any human intervention, it can be operated by a human using a remote control.

For those of you who are new to the scale of autonomous self-driving, SEA level 4 can be seen as a fully-autonomous level. In short, at his level vehicles can perform all driving functions which are subject to various safety issues. In fact, to minimize risk, the vehicle scans the condition of roads ahead for the entire trip.

The T-log is capable of driving through uneven forest terrain. However, it will do equally good if put in a city highway. In short, the vehicle fetches traffic data from an intelligent routing software. Then, it chooses the route that has the less amount of traffic congestion.

The T-log does not emit any greenhouse gas. Furthermore, it has the capability to scan its surrounding in 360 degrees. Which means the truck does not have any blind spots.

Wrapping Up!

What are your thoughts on the issues? Do you want us to cover more topics on self-driving technology? Please let us know in the comments section.

In the meantime here is a quick blog for you on GoogleX- which is also working to develop the self-driving technology.

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