French Competition Authority Raids Apple’s Local Headquarters

The French government had been investigating allegations of anti-competitive practices against Apple. As part of its ongoing investigations, the government competition authority recently launched a raid against Apple’s French headquarters and seized a number of documents.

Apple store

The chief allegation that has been leveled against Apple is that the company favors its own retail stores when it comes to the sales of its devices. As a result, other resellers are complaining that this tilts the scales in favor of Apple retail stores, putting others at a direct disadvantage.

One of the premium resellers in France, eBizcuss, recently went bankrupt. Interestingly, the reseller decided to lodge a complaint against Apple, holding the company responsible for its doom and citing how the tech giant’s unfair practices resulted in immense losses for eBizcuss.

Specifically, the reseller has stated that while Apple’s own retail stores had a steady supply of its products, eBizcuss had to face a lot of problems in obtaining these products and as a result, often didn’t have them available.

This is only part of the ongoing antitrust investigation against Apple. The French authorities is also looking into the company’s practices in running the online App Store, trying to gauge as to whether or not the company is making an unfair use of its power as the top publisher in the digital content arena.

Courtesy: Apple Insider

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