Facebook Security Settings-Protect Yourself After Facebook’s Recent Hack

Did you recently get logged out from Facebook even though you don’t remember doing so? If that is the case, know that Facebook was hacked recently. Yes! It might sound impossible but it happened. And another reason to worry is, roughly 50 Million user accounts were affected by this breach

Facebook immediately posted a blog stating that they are aware of the situation and are taking steps to minimize the damage to user accounts. Facebook team erased the ‘View As‘ feature that was used to make the breach. Furthermore, Facebook has already reset the Access Token of all the affected accounts. Any user account that had used the View As feature a year back will also get a new Access Token.

Don’t panic. You do not need to delete your Facebook account. Read the blog to learn about the security measures you can take to avoid being hacked in the future.

Change your Facebook Password

Facebook has reported that there is no need to change your Account password. You will not be affected by any further breach if you do not change your Password. But why take any chances? Change your Facebook Password from here.

Change your password to anything that is unique and which you have not used to sign up for some other online service. Here is a good idea for unique passwords. Think of the worst day of your life, or the happiest day. Now try and summarize it using one small sentence and use it as your password.

Turn On Two Factor Authentication

Facebook has an extra security measure for its users- Two Factor Authentication. If you turn it on, you will receive a  code on your phone everytime you are trying to log into your Facebook Account. So this way, no one, not even you, can log into your account just by typing in the password.

Log-out of Unknown devices

First, check for the devices that are currently used to log into your account. How do you do that? Log in to your Facebook account and navigate to Settings>Security and Login. Or simply click on this link to land on your Security and Logins page. 

Under the Tab ‘Where You’re Logged In’ you will see a list of all the devices that are currently signed into your Facebook account. Furthermore, the list will show you from which location are the devices signed into your account. Go through the list and if you see any unusual sign in information, simply remove the device.

Turn on Login Alerts

You can get notified every time an unusual login is made into your account. Go to Settings > Security and Login>Setting Up Extra Security. 

From there click on the Edit button of “Get alerts about unrecognized logins”. From there you can opt to receive Email, Messenger notifications.

Wrapping Up!

So here is the summary of the blog, there are four things you should do to protect your Facebook Account following the recent breach. First, change your password, turn on two-factor authentication, turn on unknown log-in alerts and lastly log-out of unknown devices. And here is another measure you can take to boost up the security of your Facebook Account- Remove unnecessary Apps. Follow the instructions and your account should be secured against a future possible breach.

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