One-Star Reviews Of DRM Server Bug-Affected Apps Removed By Apple

Recently, due to some problem at Apple’s end, a lot of corrupt app updates for different apps were shipped to the users. These updates, naturally, made the apps crash on booting. The result was that many users responded by giving one-star ratings and writing abysmal reviews for these apps.

However, it may seem that since it was Apple’s fault that the faulty updates were rolled out to the app users, the company is trying to compensate the app developers.

In a bid to do so, the first thing that Apple is trying to do is to fend off the impact of negative ratings from the users on the overall ratings of the apps. To accomplish this, Apple has simply removed the negative reviews from the affected apps. The affected apps include the likes of The Early Edition, GoodReader, Instapaper and other apps.

The latest versions of these apps have been the ones which were corrupt and an outcome of the DRM Server bug. And now, no reviews are being displayed on these latest versions. It is expected that Apple will remove the negative reviews, as a result of the corrupt updates, from all the affected apps.

The reviews haven’t been actually deleted by Apple. Rather, Apple has moved the older reviews on the app, the one prior to the corrupt update, to a new version of the apps. This is one of those rare moments when Apple has actually responded to the concerns of the developers and tried hard to resolve them. Naturally, this is because Apple is to be blamed for the whole fiasco.

Source: Mac Stories

Courtesy: Cult of Mac

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