Facebook Will Develop An Ad Network Just Like Google

Facebook has been the biggest competitor for Google for a while now. The way Facebook is gaining popularity among internet users is fascinating. There was a time when people used to spend more time on Google than Facebook. But it seems that the time has changed.

With the increasing number of users on this social media giant, the search behemoth is having a hard time dealing with the numbers. Recently leaked news has reasons to make Google officials sweat a bit more: Facebook is launching its own ad platform soon. Google was getting all the ad revenues and had few competitors. It was a lot like monopoly and people had nothing to do about it. Facebook is already a great challenge for Google and this introduction of Facebook ads on other websites would definitely affect Google’s monopolistic business.

The amount of control Google have gained over the past decade is incredible. You can see ads provided by Google almost everywhere on the internet. It is like the only means to get your face advertised on the internet. Google was earning a lot of revenue through it. People who had websites would use this feature called Google Adsense to increase the income from their sites.

Especially the blog owners were eager to get Adsense ads on their sites. Other webmasters had little other options that would give them similar returns in terms of revenue. The regularity of payment was debated along with the reliability.

A lot of people claim that their Adsense account was blocked for no reason at all. And their support is also said to be very inadequate. With Facebook ads, the web will definitely look a lot more different. Maybe Larry Page is sweating already. While Google has the power of the most popular search engine and email service, other reasons for choosing would be to make this experience socially available.


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