‘False And Misleading’ Apology Notice Against Samsung Costing Apple In UK

USA and UK may be close allies in the political sphere, but it does not extend in the court of law. A new order from the Court of Appeal of England and Wales has made it clear.  The order, which requires Apple to pay the legal fees of competitor Samsung on “indemnity basis,” makes it clear that the UK is not Apple’s home ground, and the nation won’t allow any foul play on its grounds.

Apple iPad

The order came when Apple published a “false and misleading” notice after losing a lawsuit against Samsung over iPad patent infringement, and failed to correct it according to the court’s order. Last October, Apple lost the appeal that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab copied iPad designs. The court order the Cupertino-based company to post an apology on its UK homepage for the damage it caused to Samsung’s image. The apology was supposed to say, in clear terms, that Samsung hasn’t copied iPad’s design. Apple, indeed, posted a notice in its homepage, but seemed far from an apology. The court ordered to correct the apology letter. This time apple followed the instructions, but presented the apology in a minimally noticeable format. The court held this behavior unwelcoming and ordered Apple to pay the legal fees of Samsung as a compensation to its ‘misdeeds.’

The amount to be paid is yet to be decided. It would be good for Apple if it learns from this incident.

Source: The Verge

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