Former Foursquare Cofounder Is Working On Health-Related Google Analytics

Body regulation apps and software which monitor the performance of one’s body through different indexes, are becoming increasingly common. People use such software to keep track of their weight and other factors, and some may even publicly share it with others over social networks. However, it seems that this is just the tip of an iceberg.

The health-related software that are presently offered and available are rather simple in their approach and depend on simple factors to determine how healthy one’s body is. However, this field is apparently about to complex with a more comprehensive set of ‘analytics’ to deal with this.

Or at least the former co-founder of Foursquare, Naveen Selvadurai, will have us believe so. In a recent event at Union Square Ventures in NY, Selvadurai stated that he was presently working on ‘Google Analytics for everything I know about my body.’ This is definitely a broad statement and it seems that he is up to something big.

However, we are far from witnessing any of his software since he has repeatedly stated that his work is still in progress, almost just a project for now. Although Selvadurai hasn’t divulged much about this project of his, hints about it can be found on his social media profiles.

For instance, on Pinterest, it can be seen that he has pinned articles related to wireless tracking devices which may track such data which can help in the regulation of health. In fact, he seems to be working on a software to accomplish that. While we are not sure how he is going to do that, that presently seems his objective.

Other hints from his Pinterest pins show that he is consider a kind of revolution in the realm of health sciences by putting apps right at the heart of medical devices, apps which will be able to accomplish much more.

Source: Techli

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