Google Halts Launching Of Its Physical Credit Card

The Google Wallet support page suggested that it was working on a physical Wallet card and trying to bring a non-NFC version of the app to every Android 2.3+ devices. But recently, Google has cancelled its decision to launch a physical credit card as part of the Wallet project.

Google Wallet

The physical credit card was designed to help users channel all their credit and debit cards into a single card. Instead of carrying multiple credit cards, users could simply sync his/her other credit cards through the Wallet app and use a single card to do any transaction. In case of loss, users would have to cancel the Google wallet card only and not the other cards from the wallet. According to AllThingsD, Google planned to introduce the physical credit card at its annual I/O developers event, but suddenly it has decided not to introduce the physical credit card, rather to upgrade its existing Wallet products.

The disadvantage that Google faced with Wallet was that there was not a lot of NFC capable devices or customer sales terminals in the mainstream market. And Google’s CEO Larry Page didn’t like the demo when he saw.

However, now Google will announce new rewards, offers and loyalty points for Wallet users available from a wider selection of merchants to help the service better compete with Apple’s Passbook. The Google Wallet update is expected to be announced at the I/O developers conference.

Source: AllThingsD


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