Google Developing Home Entertainment System

Google is cooking something interesting deep into its labs – a home entertainment system that will incorporate a music streaming system controlled by none other than Android smartphones. The company plans to make the debut of the new technology later this year, according to the Wall Street Journal, a technology that will be able to wirelessly play music on other devices in the house. This sounds quite familiar. Are you thinking what we are thinking? Apple’s Siri TV? Is Google out to compete with Apple again?

Somewhere next week, Google is probably going to be given the green light regarding its Motorola Mobility acquisition. The purchase will place Google in direct competition with Apple and its extremely popular iPhone. Apparently Google can’t stand the thought of being left behind, that’s why it is infiltrating every single domain: the mobile eco system, the cloud storage environment and now the entertainment business.

Google was anticipated to turn its attention on the home entrainment industry, because it hinted towards this direction during its I/O developer conference in May 2011. Back then they showcased briefly a system called Project Tungsten that could be controlled by Android devices.

“A Tungsten device runs the Android OS and the Android at Home software framework. It’s always powered on and always connected to the cloud,” said Joe Britt who’s an engineering director for Google. The device will be sporting Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and it will be possible to be connected to other home electronics equipment.


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