Google Launches New Digital Coupon Solution Called Zavers

Back in 2010, Google purchased Zave Network, a digital coupons system. Now, Google has redesigned the product to launch a new digital coupon solution called Zavers.

Google Zavers

Zavers is fairly easy to use and Google is positioning it so that retailers and manufacturers may find an interest in it. Zavers lets a user apply digital coupons to a register with a single scan. All the users need to do is add these coupons to his account.

Google has also tied the product with its Google Wallet payment system, even though Zavers can be used by those who don’t have a Wallet account. If you do use Google Wallet, you can simply tap or scan your phone at a checkout and that would let you redeem the coupons instantly.

The good thing for manufacturers and retailers, Google claims, is that through Zavers, they are able to keep a close eye on the performance of the coupons and see how often are those are redeemed to gauge their success. Moreover, Zavers also offers a personalized targeting system which allows specific audiences to be targeted for coupons.

The search giant has, in the past, attempted to make a break into the digital payment solutions with the help of Google Wallet and other products. Now, Zavers has been added to the list. Although, Google didn’t have much success in the arena to date, let’s see if the introduction of Zavers can change that.

Source: Google

Courtesy: The Verge

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