Google May Beat Amazon’s Drones With Its Self-Driving Cars

The social media has been abuzz with Amazon’s plans of launching delivery drones and the subsequent statement by UPS citing a similar plan. However, Google may beat them both by using it’s self-driving cars.

Google self-driving car

The future of deliveries is all about timeliness. Amazon and UPS are exploring the option of using delivery drones simply because they will be able to take the order from a warehouse to the purchaser’s home in no time. But it will be a long while before drones become a viable tool in the retail and delivery industry. Given the countless legal and technical hurdles, most have cited that this won’t be happening before 2020.

On the other hand, Google has already test-driven its self-driving cars extensively and the regulatory authorities have already warmed up the concept. In fact, Nevada and Florida have already legalized autonomous cars while other states are also considering similar measures.

So it is safe to say that within the next two, three years, we may see widespread acceptance of self-driving cars as a mainstream thing. Google will be leading the revolution since the company has the most advanced, extensively-tested and well-equipped autonomous cars which have been test-run successfully over hundreds of miles.

If Google decides to use these cars, once perfected, to make deliveries, it can certainly beat the likes of Amazon and UPS in terms of timeliness. Moreover, if the search giant is able to create a functional robot who will be in these cars making the deliveries, the recipe may make Google an overnight success in the delivery industry.

The drones, on the other hand, are still a far-off notion. So at least in terms of research, Google is far ahead of Amazon and UPS. The bigger and more important question, however, is: will Google put its autonomous cars to use for such delivery purposes or does the company have other plans? Only time will tell.

Courtesy: Business Insider

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