Google to Remain the Default Search Engine in Firefox for 3 More Years

Here’s some sweet news: Mozilla and Google have decided to extend for another three years their jolly partnership. Even if we heard reports about the two companies distancing themselves from one another in recent months, it apparently didn’t mean that the two were headed for a nasty divorce.

Mozilla issued an official statement saying that they were pleased to announce that significant and mutually beneficial revenue was negotiated with Google. Thus the agreement between the two parties will extend their long term relationship with Google for at least three additional years. We are kept in the dark, regarding the financial details of the deal, but they are probably secret due to confidential agreement anyway. The latest version, Firefox 9, seems to have taken a step towards satisfying its customers.

Google senior vice president of Search, Alan Eustace said Mozilla has been a really jolly good partner to Google over the years and they look forward towards working together over the upcoming years.

What’s a little bizarre is that the news came out, right after Google Chrome finally manage to steal the crowns off the Fox head in the battle for the world’s most popular surfing tool. Google is the biggest source of profit for Mozilla, accounting for 84% of Mozilla’s revenue in 2010, which was around $123 million. We can understand Mozilla, but we can’t help but wonder what’s Google up to?

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