Take a First Look At Google Flight Search

It was expected after Google’s $700 million dollar ITA Software purchase 5 months ago. Today Google first showing Google Flight Search. It’s already live for domestic US destination. See details below with link, feature and promo video ads.

Google Flight Search

Now Google Flight Search is live at google.com/flights Right now it only works for Local US domestic flights. Starting today, when you search for flight information on Google, for example “flights from Chicago to Denver,” you will see a “Flights” link in the left-hand panel. This link leads to our new Flight Search feature, and is offered in addition to the flight schedules which have been available since May.

But it seems not all airport and airlines is included right now. But most major cities and major airlines like United, Virgin America, Delta, JetBlue, Continental and American is already included.

In their blog Google also reported more feature will come with the help of ITA expertise as below

# Get super-fast results. Speed is critical to all the things we love on the web, and travel planning should be no exception. Making changes to dates, destinations, and filters should be as fast as we hope you’ve come to expect from Google.

# See a simple list of the most relevant flights. Flight Search shows you an easy-to-scan list to help you get to your destination quickly and inexpensively.

# Figure out when to travel. Quickly see which travel dates are least expensive by dragging the date selector forward or backward, or check out the bar chart to compare lots of dates at once.

# Consider your destination options. Flight Search helps you explore possible destinations, letting you filter them by airline, flight time and price. For example, you can use the map and filters to see where you can go from San Francisco within 3 hours for less than $300.

primarily they are showing result depending on total costs and time of flight, right now only economy class is included in this search. Right now when you click book after your search google sending order directly to that selected airlines website, Google directly not processing any payment thing or not using any single selected site.

Take a look at their introductory video, that explain their approach

Google explain this as just a takeoff, not final destination. So we should expect a lot more from Flight Search By Google. What do you think about it? Do you think it will change our way of flight searching?

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