iPhone And iPad, More Appealing To Corporations Than The BlackBerry Line

There was a time when you weren’t a proper corporatist if you did not own a BlackBerry. The phone somehow managed to penetrate everybody’s perception, as an indispensable tool in the world of big companies. But that was the past. The winds of change bring another story to the table.

A recent Checkpoint survey that interview 768 IT workers from countries as diverse as the U.S., Japan, Germany to Canada and the U.K. delivered some strange news. Now, apparently Apple’s iOS is the smartphone that most corporate professionals prefer. Even if 89% of the targeted group has smartphones and tablets which are connected to their own corporate network the Apple iDevices grab the supreme spot in corporate environments.

The figures state the fact better, so let’s turn to them: Apple came up first with 30%, followed by BlackBerry who dropped to second best, but is still very close behind with its 29% and Android with 21%. The final 18% go to Windows Phones, a later addition to the already crowded mobile market.

Strangely enough Google’s Android is considered by IT professionals to be the trickiest when it comes to security issues, with 43% of the interviewed voting for it. They might be right, because we do know Google has been painstakingly working to improve security on Android in order to measure up to the expectations of the business class.

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