Jony Ive Is The New Steve Jobs At Apple

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, has been doing a fairly good job in sustaining the legacy of the late Steve Jobs. However, he lacks a creative vision, despite having a perfect managerial grasp on the company. And to fill in that void, he has chosen Sir Jonathan Paul “Jony” Ive.

Sir Jony Ive

Jony Ive has been well known for the creative streak that he possesses. Based on his innovative ideas, he has nabbed a number of prestigious awards and titles, not to mention that Steve Jobs has been known to consult with him on a number of occasions.

While Tim Cook is steering Apple fairly well, he knows that the company needs the kind of creative vision that Steve Jobs had. According to technology journalist Micah Singleton, Cook has decided to let Ive play the same role that Jobs once had at Apple.

Writing on his website, Singleton states, “When Steve Jobs was CEO of Apple, its senior leadership was a two-headed monster. Steve put his touch on every product Apple released, while then COO Tim Cook made sure operations ran smoothly, and products were properly distributed. Using this model, Apple had unprecedented creative and financial success. With the recent moves made by now CEO Tim Cook, this model has returned, albeit slightly altered, with Cook leading, and Sir Jony Ive playing the role of Jobs, taking over creative control of the world’s largest company.”

Singleton further divulges that Sir Ive is expected to unveil the marvels of his creativity in the next iterations of iOS and OS X which will be due in 2013. We’ll have to wait till WWDC’13 to see if Apple is able to continue its journey towards creative technological innovation.

Source: Micah Singleton

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